District Information

Woodman School District # 18 is a K-8 public school district in Lolo, MT. Due to the small size of the school, classes are organized into multi-grade classrooms. For the 2021 SY, our classrooms are organized as follows: Kindergarten; Grade 1; Grades 2nd/3rd; Grades 4th/5th/6th, and Grades 7th/8th.

School board meetings are generally conducted on the first Monday night of every month at 6pm in the school library. While we transition back to face to face meeting after a year of meeting on zoom, the district will provide remote access to meetings in addition to inviting the public to attend in person. The board consists of the following members: Bill Paulson (Chair), Emily Day (Vice Chair), and Lindsey Oberquell.

The district has an open enrollment policy and accepts students from outside the district. For more information on the out of district policy, please download the policy and application for deadlines and requirements. These documents are available below as PDF documents.

Please call the school at 273-6770 or email the school secretary, Mrs. Mariah Cruz, at mcruz@woodmanschool.org for further information. During the summer months, contact Dr. Lipkind at 258-4860 or elipkind@missoulacounty.us