School Board Members

Jace Beard (Chair)

My name is Jace Beard and I'm the ranch manager for the Lolo Trail Ranch O/Z. I'm originally from Arco, Idaho. I moved to Stevensville in high school and have been in the bitterroot ever since. I'm very passionate about ranching and raising livestock, it's not a job it's a lifestyle. I'm licensed to AI and transfer embryos in cows and I love to dive into all the genetics of cows, to try to make the best possible calf for another rancher. I enjoy hunting, fishing, smoking meats to make jerky and sausages and being outdoors. My wife Montana and I have 2 boys, 4 dogs and 2 horses.

Emily Day (Vice-Chair)

Jan Henderson

I attended Woodman School in grades 1-3 with Ms. Maedche.  Some of my children and grandchildren also attended Woodman School in their formative years.  Woodman School began the process to provide us the necessary foundational skills to help us succeed. 

It is my desire to see Woodman School children have every opportunity to become proficient in the basic skills of reading, writing and math as well as critical thinking and life skills. As a school board member, it is our responsibility to hire the teaching staff and approve funds (as well as many other things) that help provide the best education for our students. We covet parents’ participation in their grade school process in any ways possible.

Woodman School is a great opportunity for every child so let’s all participate to make it the best we can for our children!