History of Woodman School

The small town of Woodman developed as a logging and ranching community located in the Lolo Creek Canyon eight miles west of Lolo, Montana. The Woodman family chartered and helped construct a one-room log schoolhouse in 1892 near the Woodman family homestead. It was used for 12 years. In its early years, about a dozen families made Woodman School the center of their community activities. Eventually the Woodman settlement withered away, but Woodman School has remained.

The present school building is surrounded by ranch land, and was constructed around 1902 near the original log schoolhouse. Woodman School remained one-room with one teacher until 1959 when another building was constructed for grades 4-8. More space was added to the original one-room school to serve as a middle school and a separate multi-purpose room was constructed in 1983. One additional teacher was hired, then one more the following year. The first year for kindergarten was 1984, and it was taught by the same teacher who taught grades one and two.

In the late 1980's, computers became a part of the student's learning, and Woodman pulled ahead of many schools in their computer to student ratio. In 1992 another section was added to the multi-purpose room.

Today, Woodman has around 35 students enrolled K-8 organized into the following classrooms: 4yo program, Kindergarten and 1st grade; grades 2-5; and grades 6-8.