School Library

Dr. Lipkind serves as the school librarian. Students in grades 5-8 also have the opportunity to check out books on Thursdays or with the assistance of their classroom teacher.  Book checkout limits are as follows:

Kindergarten--One book at a time.

Grade 1--Two books at a time.

Grades 2-4--Three books at a time.

Grades 5-8--Four books at a time.

All checkout limits are exclusive of books needed for research as assigned by a teacher. If your child is learning from home, or if you would like to check out additional books for use at home or with your younger children, please contact Dr. Lipkind at to have an account created for you. Use the link to the catalog to search for titles, send Dr. Lipkind an email for information.

Use the links below to access the library catalog and other fun online learning tools.

Follett Library Catalog

Prodigy Math